About Our School

Chalmers Elementary is a dual-track school located just off of 112th Street and 72nd Avenue in North Delta. As a dual-track school, Chalmers offers an English Kindergarten to Grade 7 program, and a Late French Immerson Grade 6 & 7 program. Chalmers is one of the larger elementary schools in the Delta School District with a student population of approximately 470 students.

Chalmers is a pod-designed school with all the features that you would expect to find in an elementary setting, including a full-sized Gymnasium and a large library. Classrooms have access to MacBook laptops, LCD projectors, and iPads. A vast array of programs run at Chalmers including Harvard Montessori’s (private) out of school care (morning and after school) and full-time preschool, a thriving StrongStart program, and a district Supported Learning Program (Grades 1 – 3). The staff at Chalmers are committed to a model of early literacy intervention, and our school provides a variety of support services to our students including English Language Learning support (ELL), and structured Learning Assistance programs such as the “Leveled Literacy Intervention” (LLI) ┬áprogram for students in Grades 1 – 4.

Chalmers Elementary has very positive parent support. The school has a strong group of Parent Advisory Council (PAC) members who are committed to providing leadership and funding opportunities to meet the needs of the school community.



Chalmers Elementary opened officially in April, 1970 by Honourable D. L. Brothers, Minister of Education. The first Principal was Alex Juk. Students attended the school as Heath Annex the previous year. Chalmers was a small school located at the end of a dirt road with only 16 staff and 14 classrooms. The dirt road was called Chalmers Road and the school was located on the site of the old Chalmers Farm. Chalmers is a Scottish name and the school originally used the colours (red and gold) and logo (the lion) featured in the Chalmers’ family crest. In recent years, Chalmers changed its school colours to yellow and black to better reflect the new ‘Stinger Bee’ mascot.